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Open 3D Foundation | Jun 15, 2022

LightSpeed Studios Joins the Open 3D Foundation as a Premier Member to Further the Vast Potential of the 3D Ecosystem

O3D community building a first-class, open-source 3D engine to advance development across gaming, the metaverse, and a variety of other applications SAN FRANCISCO – June…

Open 3D Foundation | May 13, 2022

The Open 3D Foundation Announces Latest Enhancements to Open 3D Engine, Invites O3DCon ‘Call for Proposals’

Newest release introduces performance and usability improvements, and marks welcome of O3DCon speaker proposals and discussion suggestions due July 15 SAN FRANCISCO, May 13, 2022…

Open 3D Foundation | Apr 29, 2022

The Open 3D Foundation Welcomes Microsoft as a Premier Member to Advance the Future of Open Source 3D Development

Microsoft joins over 25 organizations committed to democratizing 3D software development for games and simulations SAN FRANCISCO – April 29, 2022 – The Open 3D…

Open 3D Foundation | Jul 6, 2021

Linux Foundation to Form New Open 3D Foundation: New Foundation Launching With Over 20 Founding Members

New Open 3D Foundation launching with over 20 founding members, including Adobe, AWS, Huawei, Niantic, and Red Hat to accelerate developer collaboration on 3D engine…