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Open 3D Foundation

Join a vibrant, diverse community focused on building the world’s first fully-featured, high-fidelity, real-time, modular, open source 3D engine for use across a variety of applications–from game development, robotics and automotive, to the immersive landscapes of augmented and virtual reality.

Why O3DF

We aim to create an open-source, fully-featured, high-fidelity, real-time 3D engine.


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The foundation runs on support from member companies. Hear from members and join us.


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Contribute your skills, code, and passion to advance open 3D technologies.


Latest News

New Academic Collaboration Puts Open 3D Engine in the Hands of Next-Generation Game Developers
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In this blog, we talk with a panel of industry experts about the importance of simulation in robotics, along with current trends. We also dive… Read more.
Just Do It: A Conversation with Imagination Technologies’ Tyrran Ferguson
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Our open source projects welcome anyone to get involved in our development communities at any time.

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Featured Project

O3DE is the flagship project managed by the Open 3D Foundation. The open source project is a modular, cross-platform 3D engine built to power anything from AAA games to cinema-quality 3D worlds to high-fidelity simulations. The code is hosted on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 license.
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Thank you to our Premier Members for their commitment to advancing the future of open source 3D technology. O3DF Premier Members are true agents of change, recognized for their thought leadership and contributions to the O3DF.

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